Special Orders

We gladly accept special orders here at the Little Choo Choo Shop.
Our network of distributors and manufacturer relationships allow us access to
most items produced by the major suppliers (and many smaller suppliers) in the
model railroad industry.

Special Order Terms & Conditions
You're welcome to call the store toll-free at (800)334-2466 to place an order or ask
questions about a possible order. Our knowledgeable staff would be glad to assist you with
your search and place an order for you if we can find the item you need.
You can also use the convenient special order form below to place your order on-line.

There is no commitment associated with an initial special order inquiry. We'll gladly take the time
to see if we can find the item for you. If we do find the item we will contact you with details.
If you decide to move forward with the order at that time we will place the order and you are
committed to purchasing the item when it arrives.
    We will not charge you for the item until it arrives in the store. If the item is particularly
    expensive or well outside the range of items we normally carry in the store we may ask for a
    20% deposit upon placement of the order. This deposit will be applied towards the purchase
    of the item or items ordered.

    There are no fees charged for special orders. When we discuss the order with you we'll provide
    a price for the item. We always try to find the best price for our customers so items we special
    order will never have an extra "mark-up" in their price. We will offer these items at the same
    discounted prices we offer in the store whenever possible.

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