Other Scales in Model Railroading
These are descriptions of model railroading scales available outside the
four major scales of N, HO, O and G and popular
variations on the four major scales.

Descriptions of Other Scales
Z Scale 1:220
-Z Scale is even smaller than N Scale. It's the smallest standardized gauge
available for model railroading.

S Scale 1:64
-S Scale is placed directly between HO and O gauge model railroads.
-Vintage American Flyer products were modeled in this scale and they are
still being manufactured.
-Bachmann is also producing products in this scale submit a Special Order
and we will gladly order these products for you.
The scale is designed as a compromise for
hobbyists that require more detail, or larger parts for easier handling, than HO
can provide but haven't the space of an O Gauge layout.

As a general rule these scales are available in limited quantities and
the product selections tend to be limited as well.
We do carry some S and Z scale products in our on-line inventory and we
will gladly attempt to fill any special orders in these gauges.

Variations of Major Scales
N Scale
-This is the most common narrow gauge N Scale format.
It uses N Scale (1:160) rolling stock on Z Gauge (1:220 or 6.3mm wide) track.

HO Scale
-This is the HO narrow gauge format featuring HO scale (1:87)
rolling stock on 10.5mm wide track.

O Scale
-This is the narrow gauge format featuring O Scale (1:64) rolling
stock on 19.05mm wide track.
-This is the narrow gauge O Scale format featuring O Scale (1:64)
rolling stock on HO Scale (1:87 or 16.5mm wide) track.

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