G Gauge Model Railroading
G Gauge, also known as Garden Scale, Railroading is by
far the largest of the four major gauges (N,HO,O,G).
The size of the railroad makes for incredible realism and detail
and it's durability suits it well to use outdoors.

1:22.5 Gauge Track
The scale of rolling stock varies depending on the manufacturer.
But they all use standard G Gauge track.
Bachmann - 1:20.3 Scale
MTH - 1:32 Scale
Aristocraft - 1:29 Scale
LGB - 1:24

Engines: A typical basic G gauge locomotive will range from as low as $300.00 for a very basic diesel engine to
$1,000.00 or more for a large detailed steam locomotive.

Rolling Stock: G gauge rolling stock can run as little as $30.00 for a very basic tank car to $350.00
or more for detailed passenger cars.

Structures: G gauge buildings can run anywhere from $45.00 to $400.00 or more depending on size and detail.

Space Requirement
A classic figure 8 style setup in G gauge will measure roughly 128 by 290 inches.

Why Choose G Scale?
G Gauge is best suited for outdoor layouts making it perfect to run through a garden.
The gauge is also well suited for model railroaders that require
precise detail or those who can't work with the small pieces
that make up smaller scales.

One of the best resources for any model railroader is simply asking someone
with experience questions about the hobby.
Feel free to contact anyone on our staff via the information listed on our Contact Us page.